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Will the Real Chocolate Tea Please Stand Up?

A hand holding a navy blue mug that reads I heart NPR and has dark brown cocoa tea inside it.

I have tried an assortment of chocolate-flavored teas over the years and trust me when I say they never came close to the real thing. Most reminded me of those sugar-free chocolates that have the consistency of chewing gum.

Now I’ve discovered the secret to low-calorie chocolate awesome–brewing cocoa nibs.

I don’t know how it never occurred to me to just brew the nibs straight. Humans have discovered all manner of tasty drinks by steeping plant pieces in hot water. It really should be no surprise that cocoa nibs make a smashing tea.

This chocolate tea is good, angels sing as hot water hits the nibs. Your tongue does the samba in anticipation of the glorious taste party that is about to happen. All the other chocolate teas in the world look on with jealousy and realize they have lost the battle of style vs. substance and even their fancy filigreed packaging can’t save them now.

It’s either nibs or go home. All other chocolate teasers are just fakers.

Okay. Done now. I promise.

I’m so glad one of my coworkers shared her nibs with me. Now I can squash my chocolate cravings with tea.

One side note: This is NOT a caffeine free tea. Steer clear of this tea if caffeine is a migraine trigger or otherwise makes living in your own body unpleasant…

A Post In Which I Take A Fruit Metaphor Way Too Far

This is a picture of the Searching for Super Women logo, which is a woman dressed up as a super hero with Princess Leia hair, a Xena weapon, and a cape. Outfit is not complete without the cape.I did another post for Searching for Superwomen. I’m not 100% confident that the argument came out as coherently as I did in my head. Plus, my mind hooked onto the fruit thing and possibly ran with it farther than a metaphor should go. The upside is that more people will be exposed to the excellent nerdy artwork of Ursula Vernon. By the way, she sells pins of that freaky pear that is featured in the post.

You ask, “What freaky pear?”

I say, “Check out the blog post.”

“Oh,” You will say. “That IS a freaky pear…”


So Long Zen Tara Tea

This is a picture of a tea pot and a sand timer from Zen Tara TeaIn the dreaming-of-the-future part of my mind, which includes the if-I-win-the-lottery dream among other fantasies, is a script for all the people and businesses I would thank upon getting published. Among those businesses is a small shop in Bethesda, Maryland called Zen Tara Tea. But with Zen Tara closing their doors on May 26, I won’t be able to thank them in person.

A friend dropped me off at the shop one day because I needed someplace quiet to work on a freelance assignment. I loved the ambiance of the shop so much, I started coming at least once a week, even though I was barely scraping by at the time.

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I Want A Cafeteria Back In My Life

There are fewer things our society attributes more sadness to than eating alone. Our media constantly delivers the message that a meal made for less than two people is social failure packaged in a microwave tray.

I have no problem eating alone. Outside of special occasions, I eat most of my meals in the company of a good book. I have no problem bringing a book instead of a friend to restaurants as well. There’s nothing wrong with solo meals.

But I still miss having a cafeteria.

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Step 1 for Wicked Awesome Food:
Buy a Wok

I’m now convinced that the best $25 I’ve ever spent was on this:

Hi, I’m a wok! I’m supposed to be discolored.

As a cook, I’ve always been a fan of stir fries because 1) they’re quick to make, 2) they don’t require slabs of expensive, artery-clogging meat, and 3) they’re quick to make.

But my stir fries sucked. And I mean inflicting-this-dish-on-pigs-would-be-animal-cruelty SUCKED.

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Carolina Barbecue Done Perfect

Where’s the sauce? That was the thought that popped into my head when I first experienced North Carolina barbecue.

For native Tar Heels contemplating reaching through the screen and smacking me upside the head, please keep in mind that my concept of barbecue prior to moving to this fine state was limited to ribs slathered in smoky sauce.

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