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100 Days of Writing

This is a screenshot of my section of the Magic Spreadsheet, showing that I have written for 100 days.As of today, I have written every single day for 100 days straight. That’s a pretty damn good chain. One I hope to keep growing for a long time.

Now the secret sauce, the whispered spell, the talisman that led to this chain is not a fancy new iPad, a special app, or a handwoven notebook made from recycled sunflower leaves. It’s not a lucky pen, a spiffy hourglass, or a lollipop that was licked by Neil Gaiman. Nope. It’s a Google Doc.

Yet this is no ordinary Google Doc. It’s the collective calculator of literary calculus, the almighty slayer of perfectionist psyches, the engine of writers’ hopes and dreams, The Magic Spreadsheet.

::Cue choir of cheer-drunk angels::

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Did I just…? Oh, I DID! I Finished Writing A Novel!

This is a picture of my post-novel completion beer with me giving a thumb's up.Last night, I put the finishing touches on the first draft of my current novel project. Scrivener says the draft is around 120,000 words.

However, I never got around to telling Scrivener that it shouldn’t count any of the notes I wrote or those five chapters that I rewrote entirely.

So the draft isn’t as bloated as Scrivener tells me it is, but it’s still way too damn big.

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I Gots A Treadmill Desk!

Remember that treadmill desk I said I wanted for Christmas? Well, I decided to do a Christmas-in-July type of thing and buy a treadmill now.

This is a very very rudimentary set-up, and not the best design I could have created by far. I just like to prove to myself that I’m actually going to use something before I invest a lot of time and money into it. Thus, the used treadmill, the board resting on the treadmill handlebars, and the three-dollar C clamps.

This is a close up picture of my new treadmill desk, showing how a board is clamped to the handlebars and my computer is positioned in the middle of the board.

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Look! Look! Look! I Wrote Another SfSW Post

I’m still wiped from North American Discworld Convention. Terry Pratchett fans are a special kind of crazy. All who consider attempting to keep up with their consumption of scumble better be prepared for an epic hangover. (Which I didn’t experience because I may be crazy, but I’m no Bloody Stupid Johnson.)

The one brilliant thing they did though was they brought in two awesome therapists to offer massages for $1 per minute in the dealer’s room. ALL CONS ON EARTH SHOULD STEAL THIS BRILLIANCE AND COPY IT POST HASTE. Because having someone work the knots out of my loweerback after a whole day of walking and being a programming gopher is not just wicked awesome, it is BEYOND wicked awesome.

I will likely write a more detailed review later. In the mean time, I had a post on Faora, one of the most bad-ass Superman villains ever, go live on Searching for Super Women yesterday. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please DO go check it out.

The only other thing I have to report is that I successfully wrote every day during the con. I wound up writing at 1 AM twice whilst still recuperating from drinks at the bar, so there’s a higher than average chance I’ll be throwing a good chunk of those words out. As long as they don’t breed like fruit flies in my trash can, I’m totally fine with that.

Okay, that’s all I got. Carry on with your business folks. Carry on.

What A Handsome Devil He Is

This is a picture of Disco Being Cute

Disco was having a good modeling weekend. And I was having a good writing weekend. I added over three thousand words to the novel. More on that later.

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Update on the Comics for Words Experiment

About a month ago, I shared this idea¬†that I had for motivating myself to write more. And I have to say that it’s going pretty well so far.

It didn’t go so well initially. January was a kind of packed month in terms of folks visiting, cons, etc. But once I finally got going at a steady clip, I’ve found that it’s super-motivating to encourage myself to cross that 1,000 word threshold and earn another comic.

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NaNo 2012: The Debrief

I feel like I nodded off in October and woke up in December with only a vague recollection of the month-long chaos that was November. It feels like a dream already. Who knows, maybe it was?

Well if I managed to write 50,000 words while I was asleep and didn’t realize it then this getting to be a published author thing is gonna be vanilla cake. Or maybe red velvet. Haven’t made up my mind yet.

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Crossing the Finish Line

I made it to 50,000 words after midnight last night. I’m wicked tired today. So all I’m going to do is post my gorgeous winner’s badge.

Debrief shall follow on Monday, after I’ve had a chance to sleep…

Last Week of NaNo: The Infographic

I’ve finally caught up, and I’m on track to finish on time. (The progress bar may not reflect that just yet because it is not cooperating with me at the moment.) I will probably push to finish tonight so that I can spend Friday kicking back and celebrating. Plus, spec fic author Cherie Priest will be doing a reading at my favorite indy bookstore in Chapel Hill, and I don’t want to miss it, or be thinking about my novel while she’s trying to read hers.

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Friendship–In Map Form

It shouldn’t have surprised me at all that there’s a program that can generate a network map of my Facebook friends.

But the truth is that when it comes to advances in technology, I tend to keep my head stuck in a hole until one of the computers I have been holding together with Scotch tape (I’m too vain to use duct tape) needs to be replaced. Thus, I wind up walking into a Best Buy, start poking at tablets, then ask things that make sales people regret their career choice, such as “Where’s the floppy drive?”

Okay. So that’s not a true story, but you get the idea.

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