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Why Hello Southern Chester County

This is the logo for my high school, a maroon AG in a maroon circle.So I decided to go to my ten year high school reunion. My current feeling is that this will be the only one I’ll ever attend. Check in with me again after the reunion. I may have changed my mind.

Why did I decide to go?

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Is Amazon.com a Charity?

If you’re an American who has never bought anything from Amazon.com, you’re either a rural freegan who lives off berries in the woods, or you’re a technological recluse who doesn’t own a modem or a credit card.

Because there’s no way any English-speaking person could resist their ridiculous prices. And that’s why I find Matthew Yglesia’s recent Slate article to be particularly interesting.

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Bye Bye Facebook?

This blog isn’t even a year old. But even I noticed changes in my traffic when Facebook rolled out their Promote feature. And I’ve kinda been wondering what the hell happened.

I was thinking, heh, maybe my friends have just gotten lazy. But no, it’s Facebook itself that’s messed up, potentially on purpose.

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New Job, New Blog, New Life?

Life is chaos masked as order.

And the mask I use barely covers up all the day-to-day craziness.

For the past few years, a core part of that craziness has been my job (or lack thereof). But I got a new one. I’m going to be doing communications for these fine people. All jobs come with challenges, but in my opinion, job enjoyment largely depends on the ratio of necessary challenges to unnecessary challenges. I’m hoping the new job will have fewer unnecessary challenges than my current one.

And that is all I will ever say about my job. Because this blog isn’t about my job. This blog is about the rest of my chaotic life.

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