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Reintroducing Exercise to My Life

This is a picture of two random swimmers swimming in a pool.So I went to two more swim practices since I wrote my last post, went for a two-hour hike, and did a yoga class.

It’s great to be moving again. I feel my best when I’m exercising, I’m eating right, and I’m being productive. I’m sleeping better. My mood is even and positive.

But I’m also tired.

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Overweight Goldfish and
My Breakdancing Cat

This is a picture of an overweight goldfish.Bet you thought I’ve gone off the deep end with a title like that, eh? It’s relevant, I promise. To prove it, I’ll talk about the fish first. The breakdancing cat will be after the jump.

I’ve never seen an overweight goldfish. But after my first swim practice in more than a decade, I can imagine what one feels like. By the end of the second lap, I wanted nothing more than to reach the end of the pool and pass out belly-up on the lane line.

It didn’t help that the bowl of chili I ate before practice was sitting in my stomach like a lead-plated ostrich egg. Not the best way to remember that eating before practice is a BAD idea.

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Time to Go Camping

Billing itself as an “idyllic writer’s retreat smackdab in the middle of your crazy life,” Camp NaNoWriMo is for people who either enjoy subjecting themselves to NaNoWriMo more than once a year, or for folks who believe teaching the cat to swim is a more likely than writing a novel in November because of all the holiday hooplah.

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The Best State for a Con Geek

I was curious what state in the US would be the primest of prime locations for a con-loving geek to live.

Turns out that the answer is pretty much any state but Alaska.

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Comics for Words

“Comics for Words” sounds like a group of stand-up comedians campaigning for grammar awareness.

But it’s actually a plan I’ve concocted to motivate myself to write more.

Outside of NaNoWriMo, I’ve found that setting a number of words to write per day/week/month isn’t quite getting the results I want.

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OBV File #2: Meta Means Metafiction

This post is probably going to make my favorite high-school English teacher cry.

Or at least subtract a few points from my geek cred-O-meter.

Anyhoo, geeks at science fiction conventions like to throw around shorthand much like kids toss around a whistling Nerf football. You either know the lingo, you ask someone to explain the lingo, or you pretend that you know the lingo while hoping know one notices how confused you look.

That’s what I typically did when the word “meta” came up in conversation. After faking it for a few cons, I told my pride to take a hike and looked it up.

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