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The One and Only Peggy Rae


My friend Peggy Rae died.

I just got the news last night. I got home from the mountains super late, and I couldn’t really process it until today.

The first con I ever went to (Capclave) is one of the cons Peggy was always heavily involved in. Capclave set the bar high (it still does), and I have compared every con I have attended to that standard. Every con I went to that had Peggy Rae working behind the scenes met that bar, or set it higher.

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Spock: A Hero Without Emotion


Leonard Nimoy spent a good chunk of his acting career hating Spock. For an actor, I can see why being typecast as Spock would be frustrating. Why would any actor want to play a character with no emotions? From an actor’s point of view, Spock was a dry psychopath who had a few good quips. I can see how that would get boring.

Yet Spock broke boundaries. Here was this character who, despite his lack of emotional intelligence, wasn’t a mad scientist or a mass murderer or any of the other stereotypes Hollywood shoved introverts into back in the 1960s. He was a hero.

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What Have I Been Doing?

photo (2)

Over the past few weeks, I have been largely absent from the world because I have achieved a new level of busy. Some of it was my doing. Some of it was life pummeling me with lemons faster than I can make lemonade.

I’m not even that big of a lemonade fan.

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Did I just…? Oh, I DID! I Finished Writing A Novel!

This is a picture of my post-novel completion beer with me giving a thumb's up.Last night, I put the finishing touches on the first draft of my current novel project. Scrivener says the draft is around 120,000 words.

However, I never got around to telling Scrivener that it shouldn’t count any of the notes I wrote or those five chapters that I rewrote entirely.

So the draft isn’t as bloated as Scrivener tells me it is, but it’s still way too damn big.

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Acceptance Doesn’t Always Mean Being Nice

I wrote a post earlier this week on acceptance, a virtue that I believe is a necessary facet of geekdom, the Golden Rule, the Prime Directive even. Yet I imagine there are some trolly geeks out there who are thinking that acceptance = you must listen my horrid bigotry disguised as “opinion” until I have worked up a lather and left a trail of boiling troll froth all over your blog.

Yeah, no.

Acceptance has more nuance than most people realize, and I think that it deserves further exploration if only so that I don’t have type the phrase “boiling troll froth” ever again.

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First Comic Con Ever, and Not the Last By Far

Picture by Pat Loika

I went to Heroes Con on Saturday, and while I have been to many literary science fiction/fantasy cons, this is the first time I ever went to a comic convention. And dang, did I ever have a culture shock.

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Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries, Downgraded to Damsel in Distress

This is a picture of a statue of the Iron Man armor at San Diego Comic Con.

I didn’t have high expectations when I went to see Iron Man 3. After polling my friends, about half really liked it and half just shrugged their shoulders and said, “Eh.”

Now I think I fall squarely in the “Eh” crowd, only I got a little peeved about Pepper Pott’s role in the story.

If you want to shield yourself from spoilers, now’s the time to summon your suit of armor, step inside it, and cut off all connection to the outside world. The ending of this film needs discussing.

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Pardon My Fansquee

Video streaming by Ustream

There was an interview with Brian K. Vaughan yesterday for a SuperMOOC course on gender in comics that I’ve been keeping tabs on. For those of you who aren’t aware, BKV is the author of Saga, which is a comic gushing with so much awesome I’m surprised it hasn’t flooded comic shops nationwide. My respect for BKV knows no bounds.

I tossed a question in via Twitter, not expecting a reply at all because there were so many thoughtful questions being asked. I put my headphones on and started tackling some boring re-formatting tasks, thus justifying why I allowed myself to tune into this interview at work.

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Mysticon: A Blast, Even In A Packed Hotel

Mysticon sold out this year. But despite the cramped conditions that were undoubtedly making the local fire marshal a tad twitchy, the con was well-run and had a lot to offer geeks of all stripes.

There was gaming, there was LARPing, there were panels, there was filking. For a small con, Mysticon had a lot of different things going on, and in my opinion, they did a great job juggling it all.

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Mysticon, Charge!

I took the day off today so that I could head up to Mysticon early. I’ve never been to this con, but it looks like they have a lot to offer and I’m super-psyched about it.

At the last con I went to, I attempted to offer constant coverage, but instead of updating like I intended to, I wound up playing way too many games of Cards Against Humanity. So this time I intend to offer a preliminary exam and a postmortem rather than a play-by-play.

So, what am I excited about at Mysticon?

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