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Medical Inequality Starts At the Bench


Something glorious happened. I’m not as connected to the biomedical community as I used to be, so it took me a week to hear about it. But my celebration over the fact that NIH has FINALLY declared that animal testing should include both male and female animals was no less intense.

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Give In To The Cute

Disco fell asleep on his back with his paws dangling in the air. He was having a dream at one point because his paws were flicking around quite a bit. I approached as quietly as I could, channeling the spirit of a snake as I slithered across the carpet whilst holding my breath and willing my joints not to pop, then GOSHDURNIT, he woke up.

BUT, he didn’t roll out of his sleeping position right away, which led to the cute picture above and the cute picture below.

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I Don’t Get You Rhinovirus

Dear Rhinovirus,

Whatever strain or variant you may be, I really don’t appreciate you trying to camp out in my sinuses. I may not have a full blown cold yet, but I can feel you poking around in there, testing the boundaries of my immune system. Waking up with a little extra congestion this morning was kinda my first clue that you’ve come to visit–again.

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Chocolate R01

I’m storing up all my creativity for the Novel today. Fear not. I don’t expect y’all to entertain yourselves. However, I’m importing some funny today from the I Fucking Love Science page on Facebook.

Anyone who has ever had any contact with institutional science will appreciate this.

I’m A Blessed Geek

Here’s why:

Three comic book stores in a ten-mile radius from my house. All within a fifteen minute drive–tops.

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Tangling With Plot Weeds

The current chapter in my NaNo novel is full of plot weeds. Evil, pernicious plot weeds.

Plot weeds function kind of like a strangler fig. They wiggle their way up the trunk of your beautifully cultivated plot tree, weave their way through its branches, and before you can yank them out at the root, they’ve got your tree trapped in their deadly web.

Ah, but the plot weeds aren’t done yet.

They begin life as epiphytes, which are the plant equivalent of symbiotes, but end their lives as parasites.

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Hurricane Reflections

Sandy is an enigma. Scientists, despite all their convoluted computer models and fancy equipment, have no idea what to make of her.

As Sandy bears down on DC, my most recent home, and Avon Grove, my childhood home, my thoughts are mainly on the well-being of my friends and colleagues. But I can’t help thinking back to 2005 when another storm that threw meteorologists for a loop popped up on the radar.

Her name was Katrina.

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When Irresponsible Journalism Strikes

Photo by Libertinus

I was planning to go to yoga last night. Then I discovered this on a friend’s Facebook page. While yoga might have put me in a Zen mood, I don’t think even that would have prevented me from getting cheesed off about the abundance of irresponsible science reporting that happened yesterday.

These journalists not only failed their readers by sensationalizing the science, they also did a great disservice to researchers by implying that scientists who study the affects of hormones on behavior are sexist jerks who conduct studies for the sole purpose of putting women down.

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