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Birds and Business

This is a picture of two cranes in a marsh.I’m currently reading Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. In every writing text I read, I tend to find something useful, but this is the first book during which I am literally screaming, “THAT’S ME! THAT’S ME!” every other page. Between the copious amounts of highlighter and scream spit gathering on this book, I doubt I’ll ever re-sell it.

Not that I would want to.

Lamott validates a lot of the writer neuroticisms I struggle with: the perfectionism, the desire to write a whole book in one day, the assorted critical voices that descend up you and machete your self-esteem into ribbons as soon as your fingers hit the keyboard.

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Supporting Local News:
Just Do It Already

This is a picture of a rolled up newspaper on a table.I bought a subscription to my local paper this weekend. Not the print edition, mind you. I have no desire for old papers to pile up inside my apartment, not matter how useful they are as firestarters and cat tinkle containment devices. But I shelled out roughly $70 for an annual digital subscription to the News and Observer.

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First Comic Con Ever, and Not the Last By Far

Picture by Pat Loika

I went to Heroes Con on Saturday, and while I have been to many literary science fiction/fantasy cons, this is the first time I ever went to a comic convention. And dang, did I ever have a culture shock.

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Smallest Library I’ve Ever Seen

I don’t know if this counts as a library because at libraries, you’re required to return the books. And most libraries I go to believe in the honor system about as much as an atheist believes in God. But this is still a neat idea, and it certainly makes the empty newspaper bins on Franklin Street a little less depressing.

Whoever created this little ray of literary hope, more power to you!

This is a picture of a small library housed in a newspaper stand on Franklin Street

Comics and Choices

As a reader, comic books have always been a frustrating medium for me.

If I have a choice, I always choose to read a complete story from beginning to end. Comics, by their nature, are rife with teasing cliffhangers, which is why if I’m going to read a graphic story, I tend to prefer self-contained graphic novels, such as Persepolis or V for Vendetta.

Reading a current comic series is like getting on a roller coaster only to have the car get stuck at the top of a hill every month. But I think I’ve found a story that’s worth the ride.

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Capclave, Day Three

So I capped off Capclave listening to John Scalzi tell a story about how his cat tried to kill him.

John tells the story best. So If you want the full tale, you’ll have to pester him for it. I’ll just say that the murderous feline’s method of choice was suffocation — by cat fat.

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Capclave, Day Two


So far, the Con Chaos lion is still asleep today. He shifted a little bit, peeked at us a few times, but he’s still napping away.

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Capclave, Day One


Con chaos is a special kind of chaos. It’s like a sleeping lion. It’s just hanging out and you don’t think it’s going to be a problem. But then someone steps on its tail, it takes a swipe at you, and you spend the next few hours running around trying to get away from it.

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Capclave’s a Comin’

Two days until Capclave!

Capclave will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first con. It opened my eyes to the con world and showed me that yes, people exist who are just as obsessed with fantasy and scifi as you–and they’re organized.

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