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A Few Thoughts on Twitter


One main thought actually: It’s distracting as shirtless Jeremy Renner arriving at my door with pizza, beer, and a box of chocolate-smothered cherries.

::Sigh:: Hmph? Sorry. Got lost in the fantasy for a bit.

Maybe Twitter doesn’t quite have that effect on me. Twitter is probably more like Ann Coulter on speed. Arguments on Twitter can be entertaining, yet they can also be overwhelming and the high drama quotient tends to drain my brain more than stimulate it. Mostly because there is a LOT of STUPID out there and no amount of arguing seems to put a dent in it.

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Treadmill Desk Upgrade

Remember the treadmill desk I built? I’m actually using it. Not as much as I should be maybe, but it’s not collecting dust.

I’m using it enough that I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. Behold! The desk is now equipped with a widescreen monitor!

photo 1


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My Adverse Relationship With Coffee

IckThat face. That’s me discovering my trail mix contained chocolate-covered espresso beans. Said trail mix was unceremoniously launched into the trash.

Me and coffee don’t get along. I resent coffee for smelling so delicious yet tasting so unbearably bad. Coffee smells like heaven in a cup, but tastes like someone roasted chalk over a fire. And YES, I have tasted chalk through a childhood dare. I can say unequivocally that it’s a horrible way to get more minerals in your diet.

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Sleep Shift

Sleepy Disco

For most of my life, I’ve been a morning person. When that alarm went off in the morning, I sprung out of bed like the teacher’s pet I was, eager to tackle a new day of school.

In college my pattern shifted somewhat. I didn’t get up at 5:30 like I did in high school. But I didn’t go to bed at 9PM either. I got a good midnight to 7:30 AM schedule going. My commute in college consisted of a 15 minute walk though. No motorized vehicles involved whatsoever.

These days I trend towards being a night owl, without the amount of sleep time I had in college. You see, in college I didn’t have to make my own breakfast. I could also roll out of bed and throw on some jeans with a t-shirt. I didn’t have to think about picking out clothes very much.

I want to be a morning person again. I never used to struggle with getting out of bed. I never used to hit the snooze button five times. I never left the house without crossing something off my to-do list.

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Carolina Snow

SnowPresenting the North Carolina version of a winter wonderland. As a born and bred Yank, I can’t help thinking, “You can still see the grass.” But I still stayed indoors until around noon yesterday because North Carolina’s snow infrastructure is spotty at best. The fact that I once saw a salt truck being followed by a plow demonstrates oh-so-clearly why I stay off the roads when there is one measly inch of snow.

There’s still ice out there, so if you have to drive, drive safe and drive SLOW.

So I Kind of Fell Asleep At the Wheel…

ZuraDisco1 (3)

Things I have done since my last post on September 19, 2013 (NOTE: if you read through the entire list, the best cat picture is at the very end.):

  • Performed in three improv shows
  • Saw one of my best friends get married
  • Celebrated Christmas with my mother and sister in NY
  • Learned how to program CSS
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Working Hard, Sleeping Sound

This is a blurry picture of Disco with my friend Rebecca and my laundry in the background,

You know those weeks in which you barely have time to breathe? Ones in which you’re just so busy that one blink will carry you from your office on a college campus to a stage in front of a packed audience singing the most mangled opera you ever sung in your life?

Perhaps most people don’t experience that when their lives are flying by, but most people don’t perform live in an Improv show the same week as they are in the production stage of a major work project, helping the boss prepare for a visit from the big boss, and managing a cat having toilet issues.

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Disco In A Bag

This is picture of Disco in a Trader Joe's paper grocery bag. His paws are tucked underneath the handles and his expression is one of wide-eyed surprise

It’s Monday. I’m still tired from my high school reunion this weekend. More on that later this week. In the mean time, here are the pictures I promised you last week.

Click through for more cute.

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Brains and Such

This is a picture of the Searching for Super Women logo, which is a woman dressed up as a super hero with Princess Leia hair, a Xena weapon, and a cape. Outfit is not complete without the cape.

I did a post on brains for Searching for Superwomen today. If you’re expecting a diatribe on the various merits of zombie films, then this isn’t the post for you. But if you’re open to a discussion on diversity by way of zombies and flavored brains, then by all means, click the link below.

When It Comes to Diversity, Brains Matter Too

In other news, tomorrow I will reveal my decision on whether I intend to attend my high school reunion. It’ll be approximately ONE day before the deadline for buying tickets. What can I say, I like to live dangerously. Also, there will be pictures of grocery bags–with a cat in them. I’ll allow you to twist like laundry in the wind trying to guess which one of them it is.

Anyhoo, back to Monday. I got work to do.

Gah, rhymes!

What A Handsome Devil He Is

This is a picture of Disco Being Cute

Disco was having a good modeling weekend. And I was having a good writing weekend. I added over three thousand words to the novel. More on that later.

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