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OBV File #4: Dropbox Scarfs Memory Like My Cat Scarfs Food

Disco has a talent for inhaling his food. One that I’ve futilely tried to discourage over the years. Dropbox, it turns out, has a similar talent.

I had been wondering why it was so difficult to get my netbook (which is old and has less memory than a twig) to run Scrivener. Then I discovered the reason was that Dropbox was running in the background, eating up more memory than my poor netbook could spare.

This screenshot is from my desktop, which can handle five-figure memory processes. On my netbook, anything above five figures has crash potential.

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OBV File #3: Google Analytics Are Free

No one on the Internet trusts you to count the page views for your own website. So if you have even a mere whisp of a daydream about earning advertising revenue from your site, then you have to get Google Analytics. Essentially, this service gives you a piece of code that you can attach to your website that functions like a goblin with an abacus. Only the goblin not only tallies your page views, she does statistics too.

And what I never knew was that Google gives away these goblins for free.

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OBV File #2: Meta Means Metafiction

This post is probably going to make my favorite high-school English teacher cry.

Or at least subtract a few points from my geek cred-O-meter.

Anyhoo, geeks at science fiction conventions like to throw around shorthand much like kids toss around a whistling Nerf football. You either know the lingo, you ask someone to explain the lingo, or you pretend that you know the lingo while hoping know one notices how confused you look.

That’s what I typically did when the word “meta” came up in conversation. After faking it for a few cons, I told my pride to take a hike and looked it up.

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OBV File #1 : A Facebook Profile Is Not the Same As A Facebook Page

Because I have a cold, I needed something short to ramble about. I’ve decided to start a little feature I like to call the OBV Files. We’ll see where these things go, but the initial plan is to describe things that a person of average intelligence should know or be able to figure out, yet somehow they have succeeded in making my brain do a tap dance of confusion.

Hopefully, what you’ll get out of these posts is a good laugh or a chance to learn something new.

The laugh is more likely.

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