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A Beach Mini-Adventure


There’s no point in freelancing unless you take advantage of some of the perks.

So when it was freezing, rainy, and miserable in Chapel Hill yesterday, I headed to Wilmington. Not only was it twenty degrees warmer in Wilmington, but my friend and teacher Matt White opened for Orlando Jones at TheatreNOW.

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Asheville Adventures–A Hippy Haven


Two minutes into my trip to Asheville, I spotted a girl in a tie-dyed tanktop hula-hooping down the street. The majority of folks I have met since then haven’t been so stereotypical. But stereotypes exist for a reason, and Asheville pretty much lives up to its hippy rep.

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We Are Comedy Rich

While sitting around a table at 1:30 AM with a group of drunken swearing comics, a profound thought crossed my mind. Then an urgent need to piss shoved it out of the way.

Fortunately the thought hung out in the back of my mind through the beers I had, the late-night Wendy’s run, and me waking up on my couch with my cat on my stomach wondering why Netflix was telling me I watched six episodes of Scrubs when I thought I’d put on Star Trek.

After incubating for a few more hours of sleep in my real bed, here I am writing that thought down.

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My Fire Is Back Because of DSI

My fellow company members may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything about the Kickstarter we’re running for our move to Franklin Street. In these days of social-media blitzkrieg, I know that the volume of Twitter chatter on around your cause of choice can make a funding campaign.

But so can saying something profound.

I’ve held back so that I could mull things over a bit and get the words just right. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Performing comedy is literally saving my life. No joke.

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The Best Snowpacalypse Ever

Bruce VilanchSnow is to North Carolina what oil is to water. You’re just minding your own business when this sticky crap comes out of nowhere and smothers you. You freak out for a bit. Then you realize there’s nothing you can do except endure it. Plus, it’s a bitch to clean off.

Things were pretty chaotic this past week. Cars were abandoned by the dozen. Buses got stuck going up hills. People endured epic 4-6 hour commutes. Raleigh even joined Atlanta in the Southern-snow-freakout meme category when some poor soul’s car caught on fire.

Keep all that in mind when I say that this snowtastrophe couldn’t have turned out any better.

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Dear Sinuses: Stop Inviting Bacteria Over (Plus, a Moral March Update)

Moral MarchUgh. I’m sick. I felt it coming on before the Moral March on Saturday, but I wasn’t about to miss that. It was actually a fairly warm day and it didn’t rain like every weatherman in the area was predicting. (Bet the conspiracy theorists are already claiming that McCrory tried to buy off the news stations.) So I can’t blame the weather for my illness.

But I can be pissed at my sinuses.

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Equal Opportunity Is Why I March

This is a picture of the logo for the UU movement Standing on the Side of LoveReminder: This is my PERSONAL blog. The following words are my OWN opinions and I am not stating them as an official representative of my employer. The statements contained in this post (or any other post on this blog) do not reflect the views, opinions, or political positions of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing in any capacity.

If you live outside of the fine state of North Carolina, you may not have heard about the Moral March. The march is a social justice rally pulled together by the ForwardTogether movement, the North Carolina NAACP, and the HKonJ movement. The intention is to march through Raleigh on Saturday, February 8th to demand equal access to healthcare, sustainable economic policies, stronger labor rights, and fair elections.

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Come Laugh With Us

NCCAF-webLaughter is an under-appreciated medicine. Joining the DSI theater company has played a big role in helping restore my self-confidence. And now they’re throwing a ten-day comedy jam for the whole state!

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A Reason Why North Carolina is Wicked Awesome

The current state of our politics may be very dismal down here in North Carolina, but that hasn’t stopped North Carolinians from being Wicked Awesome in other ways. Take the dedicated volunteers at the Wake County SPCA. They put together an epic video set to my favorite ABBA song that encourages people to “take a chance” on adopting a shelter dog or cat.

Disco and Zura are both shelter animals (I got them at Paws4Ever), so I love that all these volunteers pooled their creativity to make this video happen for the stray dogs and cats of North Carolina. Watch the Wicked Awesome video below and consider positively reinforcing their work with a donation.

Supporting Local News:
Just Do It Already

This is a picture of a rolled up newspaper on a table.I bought a subscription to my local paper this weekend. Not the print edition, mind you. I have no desire for old papers to pile up inside my apartment, not matter how useful they are as firestarters and cat tinkle containment devices. But I shelled out roughly $70 for an annual digital subscription to the News and Observer.

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