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Why Hello Southern Chester County

This is the logo for my high school, a maroon AG in a maroon circle.So I decided to go to my ten year high school reunion. My current feeling is that this will be the only one I’ll ever attend. Check in with me again after the reunion. I may have changed my mind.

Why did I decide to go?

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Solo Thanksgiving Is Not A Felony

I spent Thanksgiving away from my family this year. It’s not a crime.

Of course, some stranger in the movie theater thought it was. A woman who was in line behind me while I was waiting to see Skyfall saw me standing by myself and asked, “So why are you here alone? Did you have a bad family experience?”

A disgusted look and a turned back was the answer she got.

Folks, some people choose not to spend time with their immediate family during the holidays, and attempts to shame them, even implied, are beyond rude. Now before you get out your ra-ra American tradition pom poms and start beating me in the face with them, let me point out one thing.

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Happy Fat-Bird Appreciation Day

Just popping in to say Happy Fat-Bird Appreciation Day to everyone. I hope you all have family and good food in your near future.

As for me, I’ve got words, and a lot of them to bang out before the end of the day if I’ve any hope of finishing my NaNo on time.

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