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The One and Only Peggy Rae


My friend Peggy Rae died.

I just got the news last night. I got home from the mountains super late, and I couldn’t really process it until today.

The first con I ever went to (Capclave) is one of the cons Peggy was always heavily involved in. Capclave set the bar high (it still does), and I have compared every con I have attended to that standard. Every con I went to that had Peggy Rae working behind the scenes met that bar, or set it higher.

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What Have I Been Doing?

photo (2)

Over the past few weeks, I have been largely absent from the world because I have achieved a new level of busy. Some of it was my doing. Some of it was life pummeling me with lemons faster than I can make lemonade.

I’m not even that big of a lemonade fan.

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I Got Blurbed

While I was at Contemporal, I went to the Baen Traveling Road Show. For folks who are familiar with it, one of the editors of Baen Books generally gives a Powerpoint presentation about their upcoming releases. And folks who ask questions during the presentation get a free book.

Knowing this, I ask the first question so that I could get my hands on the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Larry Correia’s new book, Warbound. ARCs are printed so that they can be sent to reviewers as well as other folks in the business who might be interested in purchasing the book. So ARCs typically have a summary of the promotion plan for the book either printed on one of the covers or on a piece of paper slipped inside the book. It looks like this:

This a picture of the inside cover for the Warbound ARC. It includes a description of the promotion plan for the book, including advertising in relevant magazines and an author book tour.

As I was reading the blurbs, I thought that the third one looked quite familiar.

Then I realized I wrote it. Baen quoted MY review of Hard Magic from SFRevu.com.

My disgruntled cats can testify that I did a jig on my bed. I know marketing folks will use any favorable quotes they can find to sell books, but it’s still flattering to have a publisher choose your words to promote a series you enjoy.

Plus, Baen didn’t skew my intent at all. I If you aren’t reading Larry Correia, you’re missing out on some of the smartest, most entertaining urban fantasy on the market.

You can see the full quote here:

This is a photo of the quote Baen Books pulled from my review. It reads "I found myself pulled into a story that cleverly blended together alternate history, magic, and the grit of a 1930s gangster film. Stylish and slick, Larry Correia's Hard Magic is a story no fantasy fan will want to miss.


Acceptance Doesn’t Always Mean Being Nice

I wrote a post earlier this week on acceptance, a virtue that I believe is a necessary facet of geekdom, the Golden Rule, the Prime Directive even. Yet I imagine there are some trolly geeks out there who are thinking that acceptance = you must listen my horrid bigotry disguised as “opinion” until I have worked up a lather and left a trail of boiling troll froth all over your blog.

Yeah, no.

Acceptance has more nuance than most people realize, and I think that it deserves further exploration if only so that I don’t have type the phrase “boiling troll froth” ever again.

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Mysticon: A Blast, Even In A Packed Hotel

Mysticon sold out this year. But despite the cramped conditions that were undoubtedly making the local fire marshal a tad twitchy, the con was well-run and had a lot to offer geeks of all stripes.

There was gaming, there was LARPing, there were panels, there was filking. For a small con, Mysticon had a lot of different things going on, and in my opinion, they did a great job juggling it all.

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Mysticon, Charge!

I took the day off today so that I could head up to Mysticon early. I’ve never been to this con, but it looks like they have a lot to offer and I’m super-psyched about it.

At the last con I went to, I attempted to offer constant coverage, but instead of updating like I intended to, I wound up playing way too many games of Cards Against Humanity. So this time I intend to offer a preliminary exam and a postmortem rather than a play-by-play.

So, what am I excited about at Mysticon?

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The Best State for a Con Geek

I was curious what state in the US would be the primest of prime locations for a con-loving geek to live.

Turns out that the answer is pretty much any state but Alaska.

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Fantasy Medicates Fanboys Against Social Rejection (And They Blame Fake Geek Girls When It Doesn’t Work)

A sermon my minister gave on medication yesterday made me think about the fake geek girl “debate” that has been raging across the Internet. She wasn’t talking about chemicals like Zoloft, Cymbalta, or even the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Anything can be used as a medication, she said, if a person is using it to avoid pain or discomfort.

My minister illustrated her point by invoking a scene from Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451. Guy Montag, the main character, enters his living room and proceeds to read a book of poetry to his wife and her friends. This action may seem innocuous, but Montag lives in world in which books are burned with zeal and people are medicating themselves against reality by administering a dose of 24/7 entertainment.

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illogicon was Wicked Awesome

This is the first con in which I spent more time having conversations with people than going to programming. I didn’t plan it that way. Just happened.

And I feel like I made a lot of new friends this weekend because of those conversations, which is why I don’t feel guilty about not posting updates. The updates were also lacking because I stayed up too late for my own good both nights of the con. I was so tired by the time I got home yesterday, I went to bed at 8 PM.

But you’re not reading this post to listen to me complain about my screwed-up sleep schedule. So, here are my highlights:

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Final Day of illogicon

Just so you know, I wrote and scheduled this post pre-party, so there’s a chance I may not even be awake when it goes live. It all depends on the quality of the hangover I’m nursing, which largely depends on the quality of drinks at the Saturday parties.

If someone shows up with a bottle of Jameson, you can forget about me being awake before noon.

But if I do happen to be awake, here are the panels I’m considering:

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