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Carolina Snow

SnowPresenting the North Carolina version of a winter wonderland. As a born and bred Yank, I can’t help thinking, “You can still see the grass.” But I still stayed indoors until around noon yesterday because North Carolina’s snow infrastructure is spotty at best. The fact that I once saw a salt truck being followed by a plow demonstrates oh-so-clearly why I stay off the roads when there is one measly inch of snow.

There’s still ice out there, so if you have to drive, drive safe and drive SLOW.

To Reunion or Not To Reunion

This is the logo for my high school, a maroon AG in a maroon circle.I have three days to decide whether or not I want to bother with my ten year high school reunion.

Our organizer set it up at a country club. The food sounds good and it’s a spiffy set up. She deserves every ounce of credit for pulling this together. So three cheers for Meredith, a leader through and through.

I’m currently still undecided as to whether I’ll attend. For one thing, I’m not inclined to take any vacation days off, especially when I don’t know whether any folks from my friend groups are going to be there. So that would mean arriving at a hotel around midnight or one in the morning before the reunion.

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Give In To The Cute

Disco fell asleep on his back with his paws dangling in the air. He was having a dream at one point because his paws were flicking around quite a bit. I approached as quietly as I could, channeling the spirit of a snake as I slithered across the carpet whilst holding my breath and willing my joints not to pop, then GOSHDURNIT, he woke up.

BUT, he didn’t roll out of his sleeping position right away, which led to the cute picture above and the cute picture below.

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Seeking Balance, Finding Chaos

This is a picture of justice holding balanced scales.Crafting a daily routine that involves exercise, writing, and eating food that doesn’t come out of  a microwave box shouldn’t be hard. But it is.

I kind of let myself go when I first moved back to North Carolina because the environment at my last job was so stressful and drama-filled that I just wanted to coast for a while.

I was ready to stop coasting two weeks ago, but then the whole women-plan-Fate-laughs thing happened and I woke up with a fever the day after I wrote that post. These delightful surprises are what tend to happen anytime I start finding some semblance of balance in my life. Like many people, I sometimes imagine Fate as an Indian Empress lounging on a silk-covered chaise next to a pool that shows her the world at large, being fanned and fed by devoted slaves as she concocts nefarious plots to mess with my life.

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A Banana And A Lobster Stealing Art: Not the Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Heard Today

This is a picture of the cover art for Saga Volume One

Art by Fiona Staples

Honestly, I thought nothing could top the utter ridiculity that is today’s Daily Tar Heel story “Banana, lobster may have stolen ‘critter.’ “ Then I heard that Apple Comixology has given their PR team a royal headache after someone made the ever-so-wise decision to ban Brian K. Vaughan’s latest issue of Saga from being sold through digital iOS apps.

Now I have no problem with businesses choosing what products they want to sell. And I understand that business decisions regarding mature content are a balancing act, and the tightrope businesses walk can easily morph into a noose.

That being said, Apple’s Comixology’s decision is downright Orwellian. Also, the only decision I could imagine being more hypocritical is a drug company hiring the Joker as a spokesperson for neuroleptics.

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I Don’t Get You Rhinovirus

Dear Rhinovirus,

Whatever strain or variant you may be, I really don’t appreciate you trying to camp out in my sinuses. I may not have a full blown cold yet, but I can feel you poking around in there, testing the boundaries of my immune system. Waking up with a little extra congestion this morning was kinda my first clue that you’ve come to visit–again.

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How Dogs Teach Vs. How Cats Teach

When it comes to educating the next generation, cats and dogs have drastically different teaching styles. Or so the Internet tells me.

Two videos were posted recently about young animals learning to climb down stairs.

Let’s take a look at how dogs teach their young. Beware: this video contains extreme adorableness.

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Why Can’t Political Groups Resist Shooting Their Own Feet?

This is a picture of New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieOnly in politics can someone be punished for doing the right thing. Okay, maybe not only in politics, but politicians seem to hold the longest grudges.

Take the kerfuffle between Governor Chris Christie and the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Christie had the gall, the gall, to actually cooperate with President Obama on their response to Superstorm Sandy. Not only did he refuse to stonewall the President at every angle when a lethal storm was devastating New Jersey, he dared to lambast the Republican leadership when they delayed emergency funding for Sandy victims.

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Spaworld Chooses $$$ Over Discrimination

I was appalled to learn on Friday that Spaworld, my favorite day spa, kicked out a transgender individual who was minding her own business.

Then I was beyond appalled when Spaworld’s president, Sang Lee, responded with this horrid statement:


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Judgment at Tweet Speed

Human beings are designed to form quick opinions about each other. Yet no one can deny that the Internet is to judgment what wood is to fire–if the wood was soaked in jet fuel.

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