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Brains and Such

This is a picture of the Searching for Super Women logo, which is a woman dressed up as a super hero with Princess Leia hair, a Xena weapon, and a cape. Outfit is not complete without the cape.

I did a post on brains for Searching for Superwomen today. If you’re expecting a diatribe on the various merits of zombie films, then this isn’t the post for you. But if you’re open to a discussion on diversity by way of zombies and flavored brains, then by all means, click the link below.

When It Comes to Diversity, Brains Matter Too

In other news, tomorrow I will reveal my decision on whether I intend to attend my high school reunion. It’ll be approximately ONE day before the deadline for buying tickets. What can I say, I like to live dangerously. Also, there will be pictures of grocery bags–with a cat in them. I’ll allow you to twist like laundry in the wind trying to guess which one of them it is.

Anyhoo, back to Monday. I got work to do.

Gah, rhymes!