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Look! Look! Look! I Wrote Another SfSW Post

I’m still wiped from North American Discworld Convention. Terry Pratchett fans are a special kind of crazy. All who consider attempting to keep up with their consumption of scumble better be prepared for an epic hangover. (Which I didn’t experience because I may be crazy, but I’m no Bloody Stupid Johnson.)

The one brilliant thing they did though was they brought in two awesome therapists to offer massages for $1 per minute in the dealer’s room. ALL CONS ON EARTH SHOULD STEAL THIS BRILLIANCE AND COPY IT POST HASTE. Because having someone work the knots out of my loweerback after a whole day of walking and being a programming gopher is not just wicked awesome, it is BEYOND wicked awesome.

I will likely write a more detailed review later. In the mean time, I had a post on Faora, one of the most bad-ass Superman villains ever, go live on Searching for Super Women yesterday. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please DO go check it out.

The only other thing I have to report is that I successfully wrote every day during the con. I wound up writing at 1 AM twice whilst still recuperating from drinks at the bar, so there’s a higher than average chance I’ll be throwing a good chunk of those words out. As long as they don’t breed like fruit flies in my trash can, I’m totally fine with that.

Okay, that’s all I got. Carry on with your business folks. Carry on.

Man of Steel: Bloated Backstory, But Still Awesome

This is a picture of Henry Cavill, who played Superman in Man of Steel.I’ve never been much of a Superman fan. I’ve always preferred superheroes with more, erm, humanity, which is probably why I largely gravitate toward the Bat family and the X-men. Despite their superhero powers, they have Earthly origins that I can relate too.

This film did a better job of making Henry Cavill’s Superman more relatable than any of the previous attempts. This journey to find truth made him more human-like than any of Superman’s previous film incarnations. Cavill’s performance was also anything but stiff, which is always a danger when playing an embodied American ideal in tights.

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Pay Attention Dudebros: This Is How Geekdom is Supposed to Work

After I posted about my first comic con yesterday, I tweeted a link to the post out into the Twittersphere. Not even thirty seconds later, this popped up in Tweetdeck.


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First Comic Con Ever, and Not the Last By Far

Picture by Pat Loika

I went to Heroes Con on Saturday, and while I have been to many literary science fiction/fantasy cons, this is the first time I ever went to a comic convention. And dang, did I ever have a culture shock.

As in I was shocked by how I never knew how wicked awesome comic con culture is. Read more

Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries, Downgraded to Damsel in Distress

This is a picture of a statue of the Iron Man armor at San Diego Comic Con.

I didn’t have high expectations when I went to see Iron Man 3. After polling my friends, about half really liked it and half just shrugged their shoulders and said, “Eh.”

Now I think I fall squarely in the “Eh” crowd, only I got a little peeved about Pepper Pott’s role in the story.

If you want to shield yourself from spoilers, now’s the time to summon your suit of armor, step inside it, and cut off all connection to the outside world. The ending of this film needs discussing.

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Pardon My Fansquee

Video streaming by Ustream

There was an interview with Brian K. Vaughan yesterday for a SuperMOOC course on gender in comics that I’ve been keeping tabs on. For those of you who aren’t aware, BKV is the author of Saga, which is a comic gushing with so much awesome I’m surprised it hasn’t flooded comic shops nationwide. My respect for BKV knows no bounds.

I tossed a question in via Twitter, not expecting a reply at all because there were so many thoughtful questions being asked. I put my headphones on and started tackling some boring re-formatting tasks, thus justifying why I allowed myself to tune into this interview at work.

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FCBD: Fun, Folly, and Free Stuff

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I only discovered the wicked awesome that is comics and comic fandom last year. Better late than never I suppose.

What that means is that this was my first Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Ever. And it totally wasn’t what I was expecting.

Okay, perhaps part of it was. I anticipated the line outside the comic shop, but I wasn’t expecting it to be only five people long (a testament to the incredible service provided by Chapel Hill Comics). I was also envisioning a single table of comics in which geeks scrambled to get their hands on a coveted book while a miserly employee stood behind the table, slapping hands with a toy lightsaber if someone tried to take more than one.

Instead, we were allowed to take one of each book, which meant that instead of going home with one free book, I went home with a pile of reading material and a nifty R2D2 patch that says “May the 4th Be With You.”

This is a picture of my stack of comic books from Free Comic Book Day.

The haul.

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A Banana And A Lobster Stealing Art: Not the Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Heard Today

This is a picture of the cover art for Saga Volume One

Art by Fiona Staples

Honestly, I thought nothing could top the utter ridiculity that is today’s Daily Tar Heel story “Banana, lobster may have stolen ‘critter.’ “ Then I heard that Apple Comixology has given their PR team a royal headache after someone made the ever-so-wise decision to ban Brian K. Vaughan’s latest issue of Saga from being sold through digital iOS apps.

Now I have no problem with businesses choosing what products they want to sell. And I understand that business decisions regarding mature content are a balancing act, and the tightrope businesses walk can easily morph into a noose.

That being said, Apple’s Comixology’s decision is downright Orwellian. Also, the only decision I could imagine being more hypocritical is a drug company hiring the Joker as a spokesperson for neuroleptics.

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On Robins and Their Impending Extinction

Don’t be alarmed bird lovers. This isn’t a post about the adorable red-bellied birds that crop up during the spring time. The Robins I’m referring to are the joke-cracking, high-flying sidekicks that keep Batman young.

And if you have no desire to know this week’s biggest comics spoiler, then you definitely don’t want to read this story from The New York Post, and you definitely don’t want to keep reading this post.

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Update on the Comics for Words Experiment

About a month ago, I shared this idea that I had for motivating myself to write more. And I have to say that it’s going pretty well so far.

It didn’t go so well initially. January was a kind of packed month in terms of folks visiting, cons, etc. But once I finally got going at a steady clip, I’ve found that it’s super-motivating to encourage myself to cross that 1,000 word threshold and earn another comic.

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