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Step 1 for Wicked Awesome Food:
Buy a Wok

I’m now convinced that the best $25 I’ve ever spent was on this:

Hi, I’m a wok! I’m supposed to be discolored.

As a cook, I’ve always been a fan of stir fries because 1) they’re quick to make, 2) they don’t require slabs of expensive, artery-clogging meat, and 3) they’re quick to make.

But my stir fries sucked. And I mean inflicting-this-dish-on-pigs-would-be-animal-cruelty SUCKED.

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Splenderrific Spaworld

There are few better examples of Asian Awesome than Spaworld. So pardon me if I take a few moments to gush about it during my first full day off from work.

Tucked away in a shopping center in Virginia, this place kinda looks like a swimming-pool superstore on the outside. But inside is an oasis of relaxation, complete with seven scented saunas, a ginormous pool filled with massaging jets, and food that makes you wonder whether you’ve been teleported to Korea.

And guess how much this all costs?

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