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Hi! I’m Meagen, and I’m a former sci-tech writer with a very simple career goal. I want to spend more time writing code in a text editor than I do writing email.

I have experience ranging from email marketing and web development to tech/science communications and marketing. My resume and LinkedIn profile can tell you more.

But you’re here to see projects!  My tech passions include WordPress, Sass, and the many flavors of Javascript. Below you can click through my latest tech projects and writing samples, and projects from my coursework at Wake Tech. If you like what you see, please email me at to inquire about projects or rates.

Tech Projects
Writing Samples
Blog Posts
–Science/Health Posts

Five Worries Parents Should Drop, and 5 They Shouldn’t

Why High Heels Hurt Even After You Take Them Off

Bottled Tea Comes Up Short in Antioxidant Tests

Visiting Researcher Provides International Perspective on Nursing Work Environments

–Public Relations and Event Coverage Posts

First Class of DNP Students Set to Graduate

Interprofessional Panel of Experts Answers Key Questions About Ebola

Nurses Tell Their Global Stories in a New Book Edited by Chris Harlan

Army Surgeon General Patricia D. Horoho Receives Distinguished Alumna Award

–Pop Culture Critique

When It Comes to Diversity, Brains Matter Too

Faora: A Villainess Done Right

Skyfall= Skyfail for Women

Man of Steel: Bloated Backstory, But Still Awesome



Seeing Light in the Dark

How to Spot Pseudoneuroscience and Biobunk

T-Cell Mutiny

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Digging for Relief

The Powerful Impact of Preceptors

Connecting Class to Class


Magazines (served as Editor)

Carolina Nursing Spring 2014


Press Releases

Medicare beneficiaries return to emergency rooms after nursing home discharge

Modern monitoring systems contribute to alarm fatigue in hospitals

Board of Governors approves new advanced nursing degree at Carolina

‘Color Blind’ Policies Could Make Diversity Harder to Achieve

From Karen to Katie —Using Baby Names to Understand Cultural Evolution


Design Work

UNC School of Nursing Quick Facts

Logo for Avant Chard

UNC School of Nursing eNews Redesign 1

UNC School of Nursing eNews Redesign 2

Intern Audition Logo


Email Design

Assorted Chaos MailChimp Template

DSI Comedy Theater Redesign Sample

Mobile Responsive Email Template (Built via

Ebola: Will Facts or FEAR Determine Our FUTURE?

UNC School of Nursing eNews Redesign

Intern Audition Email