Hello Art and Logic!

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Dear Potential Colleagues at Art and Logic,

You have my application and my LinkedIn profile. But I don’t think those will give you a complete picture of who I am as a professional or as a person. So I thought an invitation to my website was in order.

Assorted Chaos is a home for my random thoughts, essays, and updates on life. Some of my thoughts are profound, others are conflicted, and some are just flat out silly. You’ll also notice that I have a cat or two.

Anyway, here are five things about me that I thought you should know:

1) I love diving into code and have an innate drive to fix problems. I’ve taught myself HTML, CSS, and just finished a course in Javascript. I’m planning to learn PHP next and I want to find out more about Ruby on Rails.

2) My favorite text editor is Sublime. I’m using it now to build an HTML email for my current job. I also use it to do repairs and upgrades to my website.

3) I have design skills. I make a mean fact sheet in InDesign. I know how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator too.

4) I perform improvisational and standup comedy. Improv has provided me with skills to think on my feet, to communicate more clearly, and the ability to excel in front of an audience. I love making people laugh.

5) Finally and most importantly, I’m a story teller. I finished a novel last year. To pay the bills, I have made my living I telling engaging stories about science. As a science writer, I have mostly focused on biology and neuroscience, but I’m very interested in wielding my talents for technology topics as well. You can see an example of some of the work I do a by clicking on the video.

This is who I am– a quirky geek with a passion for technology, writing, and cracking jokes. If you give me a chance to be your colleague, I imagine we would bond almost instantly over comic books, sudoku, and tales of coding glory. At the very least, I think we would connect via a shared desire to produce the best code possible.

I hope I get a chance to talk to y’all soon.

All the best,


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