About Me

In an alternate reality, Meagen Voss is a celebrated researcher who has made many clever advances in the field of neuroscience. In this reality, however, I’m a recovering scientist who exited her PhD program early when she realized that enjoyed writing about science more than she enjoyed doing it. I blame my middle-school librarian for making her read Andre Norton’s Wraiths of Time in the seventh grade. I am currently a fiction reviewer for the website SFRevu.com. I hone my fiction skills at night and wield my nonfiction skills by day for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My science writing has been published by NPR NewsPolicyInsider, and AAAS. Currently, I reside in Carrboro, North Carolina with two conniving cats and a pile of rejection letters that is growing by the day.

About This Website

This is my blog. My blog contains opinions that are mine and mine alone. Others may share them, or denounce them, in the Comments section. But everything in the body of this website is my viewpoint and does not represent the positions of my employer, my professional associations, or anything other groups I am affiliated with unless I expressly state otherwise in the post.

You may not like my opinions.


About Comments

There haven’t been enough comments yet on this site to warrant a detailed comments policy yet. But note that I tend to favor the John Scalzi School of Comment Management, and my policy will likely be very similar once it’s needed.

About FAQ

No one’s asked me any questions yet, so I see no need for an FAQ yet.

About Contact

Still working on setting up a contact form or email redirect. Once I do, you’ll be able to find all the particulars at this page here.