Proof Zura Loves Disco

My cat Zura has dedicated her life to three things: Sleeping, eating, and hating on my other cat, Disco. But the third thing is a total act. As much as she acts like she despises him, I know in her heart, beneath all that thick, orange, floofy fur, is a kernel of affection for him. They sleep together and, when Zura is feeling particularly generous, she gives him a bath.


If that’s not cat love, I don’t know what is.

I never expected these two to get extremely close. It’s very rare for cats who aren’t littermates to be super-affectionate with each other. Yet I’m immensely happy they get along and entertain each other so well. Zura was becoming a real neurotic fruitcake before I got Disco. She was spending too much time alone. She’s still capable of being a neurotic fruitcake, but she has fewer episodes with Disco around.

Even though my cats have their quirks, I’m fortunate I don’t live in a feline war zone. I do wish Disco would quit this unfortunate new habit of sitting on my laptop though. Yes, it’s cute. You’ve never had to delete thirty-pages worth of gibberish cat type.

Oh cats…


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