The Angriest Unicorns You Ever Will See


I went to Capclave last weekend and one of the items for sale in the Silent Auction was an inflatable unicorn horn for cats. This item is one that could only come from the dastardly minds of Archie McPhee, the same folks who brought you cocktail squids, yodeling bacon, and the avenging unicorn playset.

So after giving two bucks to charity, I became the proud owner of the latest and greatest cat torture device. As you can see by the pictures below, it was well worth the money. Or at least I thought is was. Disco and Zura had different opinions.

Disco’s first reaction was, “DA FUCK?!!!”

UnicornCats (2)

Then he flopped over and sulked.

UnicornCats (3)

That’s kind of Disco’s thing. He just accepts whatever terrible things you want to do to him and rolls with it. Unless you take away his food. Then he turns into a yowling mass of fury.

Speaking of fury, Zura was an orange fluffy ball of “HELL NO” when I put the horn on her. She flailed her head around, trying her damndest to get it off.

UnicornCats (1)

I snapped this picture right before she went into ballistic-cat mode. At that point, I took it off her because 1) the fun was over and 2) somehow the designers didn’t consider claws when they decided to make this thing inflatable.

UnicornCats (4)

The horn is still intact and back in its box until I find another occasion to be mean to my cats. Perhaps tomorrow.

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