Treadmill Desk Upgrade

Remember the treadmill desk I built? I’m actually using it. Not as much as I should be maybe, but it’s not collecting dust.

I’m using it enough that I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. Behold! The desk is now equipped with a widescreen monitor!

photo 1


Before I was positioning my itty bitty netbook on the board. It worked fine, yet I didn’t like that I had to turn my head down to see the screen. I got enough cricks in my neck. The new screen lets me face straight ahead.

Using my desktop instead of the netbook allows me to use a bigger keyboard too– a handy thing because it cuts down on the already big number of typos you make when you walk and type at the same time.

I’ve hooked up my Roku as well, which is a little redundant with the computer. Still, you don’t get as many “update” messages barging on to the screen when you watch videos on the Roku.

I wouldn’t say the desk has made a huge difference in my health or weight yet. But it means that I am sitting less and apparently that is a super good thing.

photo 3

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