Oh Hi! I’m Bi

BisexualMy primary motivation in writing this post is to dispel all rumors once and for all that I’m a lesbian. There’s nothing wrong with lesbians. I’m just a teensy bit tired of folks assuming I am one because my dating history is a mish-mash of assorted hookups and month-long flings. I’m turned on by men AND women people.

Look folks, it took me a while to figure things out sexuality-wise. I wasn’t even sexually active until I left college. Honestly, sex just wasn’t a priority for me. Sex is definitely in the Top 5 list of activities I enjoy, but it isn’t always Number 1. At least right now it isn’t. That could change if I meet the right person. Point is I’ve made choices to focus on other things, and it’s only within the past couple years I’ve devoted time and energy to exploring my sexual desires. Though if someone clued me in about vibrators before college, my life might have taken a different course.*

For all the people who are now thinking “Well, why haven’t you managed to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend for more than a couple weeks?”–it’s complicated. Seriously, my libido is complicated. Both for medical reasons and the fact there have been few people I’ve encountered who truly light my fire.

But now that I’ve acknowledged my sexual interests extend to both sexes, I feel like there are better odds I’ll find someone I truly connect with.

My secondary motivation in making this post is Three Dollar Bill, the LGBTQ improv team, is performing tonight at the DSI Comedy Theater. It will be a gay ol’ time and you should come out.

Come out, ha!

*Note to Mom and Dad: this is not so much a dig at you as it is our society’s insanely Puritanical attitudes towards sex.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I wouldn’t worry about not having had a boy/girlfriend for longer than a couple weeks. Before I met Brock, my longest relationship was Ryan, senior year at Dickinson, and that only lasted a month. As of last June, Brock and I have been together 5 years.
    In my book, it’s better to be picky and wait for the right person than to stay with the wrong one.

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