Why Hello Southern Chester County

This is the logo for my high school, a maroon AG in a maroon circle.So I decided to go to my ten year high school reunion. My current feeling is that this will be the only one I’ll ever attend. Check in with me again after the reunion. I may have changed my mind.

Why did I decide to go?

Opportunity mostly. As years past, I doubt I will still have as flexible a schedule as I do now. Not necessarily because I’ve got hopes of children running around my apartment (currently, I don’t). Instead, I’m hoping that there might be a boyfriend in the picture, a husband even. Plus, I’m hoping this whole writing career thing might actually take off and I’ll be busy writing and promoting my work.

Also, I should mention that two extremely kind friends made the trip economically feasible. Their a married couple who wound up moving to Cary. We reconnected when I was in grad school and then re-reconnected when I moved back to the area after my stint in DC. I’ve known the husband since second grade, which is a pretty darn long time to know someone. Anyway, they’re giving me a ride and a place to stay, so other than chipping in for gas and buying the reunion ticket, I’m good to go.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole thing, but I’m looking forward to spending more time with my local friends. Even if it involves a long drive to Pennsylvania and back.

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