A Post In Which I Take A Fruit Metaphor Way Too Far

This is a picture of the Searching for Super Women logo, which is a woman dressed up as a super hero with Princess Leia hair, a Xena weapon, and a cape. Outfit is not complete without the cape.I did another post for Searching for Superwomen. I’m not 100% confident that the argument came out as coherently as I did in my head. Plus, my mind hooked onto the fruit thing and possibly ran with it farther than a metaphor should go. The upside is that more people will be exposed to the excellent nerdy artwork of Ursula Vernon. By the way, she sells pins of that freaky pear that is featured in the post.

You ask, “What freaky pear?”

I say, “Check out the blog post.”

“Oh,” You will say. “That IS a freaky pear…”


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