I Got Blurbed

While I was at Contemporal, I went to the Baen Traveling Road Show. For folks who are familiar with it, one of the editors of Baen Books generally gives a Powerpoint presentation about their upcoming releases. And folks who ask questions during the presentation get a free book.

Knowing this, I ask the first question so that I could get my hands on the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Larry Correia’s new book, Warbound. ARCs are printed so that they can be sent to reviewers as well as other folks in the business who might be interested in purchasing the book. So ARCs typically have a summary of the promotion plan for the book either printed on one of the covers or on a piece of paper slipped inside the book. It looks like this:

This a picture of the inside cover for the Warbound ARC. It includes a description of the promotion plan for the book, including advertising in relevant magazines and an author book tour.

As I was reading the blurbs, I thought that the third one looked quite familiar.

Then I realized I wrote it. Baen quoted MY review of Hard Magic from SFRevu.com.

My disgruntled cats can testify that I did a jig on my bed. I know marketing folks will use any favorable quotes they can find to sell books, but it’s still flattering to have a publisher choose your words to promote a series you enjoy.

Plus, Baen didn’t skew my intent at all. I If you aren’t reading Larry Correia, you’re missing out on some of the smartest, most entertaining urban fantasy on the market.

You can see the full quote here:

This is a photo of the quote Baen Books pulled from my review. It reads "I found myself pulled into a story that cleverly blended together alternate history, magic, and the grit of a 1930s gangster film. Stylish and slick, Larry Correia's Hard Magic is a story no fantasy fan will want to miss.


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