Assorted Updates: Discworld Convention, Health, and Camping Without A Tent

This is a picture of a turtle on the sidewalk outside my apartment complex. It has a black shell with yellow splotches.

As the title of my blog implies, my life is chaos. I’m hitting the road, or gently caressing it with my car’s tires, once again to head up to a con in Baltimore. I’ll be spending the weekend within spitting distance of the Baltimore harbor at North American Discworld Convention, which revolves around Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

The man himself is not coming anymore, but the con should still be a lot of fun. I’m volunteering, so I imagine I’ll be running around a fair bit. Don’t count on there being many updates to this blog or my Twitter feed. I may get some time to write, or I might not. My schedule is a mystery that I will soon solve.

Now, in other news, here are a few snippets about things I’ve been meaning to write updates one, but haven’t bothered because of stuff n’such.

  • I have made it to LEVEL TWO of the Magic Spreadsheet. That means I have to write more words every day to satisfy its demands. That’s how that dastardly document hooks you in.
  • I promised folks on a Twitter a post about a recent scientific paper that came out about a putative biological underpinning for fibromyalgia. I’m working on it. What I will say now is that healthcare innovations have started with far less.
  • Despite Franklin Street turning into the river, I experienced no adverse effects from the flooding on Sunday besides being stuck in Foster’s market for four hours. Considering they have the best desserts in town, it’s not a bad place to get stuck at all.
  • I have, for the most part, gotten over my depressive funk. Writing every day via the Magic spreadsheet, seeing folks at cons, and the daily ten minute cleaning sprees have helped a lot. I’ve got the majority of my Awesome back. Therapist and I are still working on the last chunk.
  • The novel is chugging along. I’m one plot arc away from finishing.
  • Supposedly, I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo. But I am…erm…already behind on Day 3. The Camp NaNos just simply aren’t the same as Novemeber NaNo to me. I will aim to catch up with some help from Magic Spreadsheet, but it’s anybody’s guess whether I’ll make it.
  • That turtle pictured above was hanging out on the sidewalk outside my apartment complex. It was pretty cool with me taking pictures of it. It was not so cool about me picking it up to keep it from running into the road. It didn’t quite seem to grasp the idea of the turtle pancake it would become if it disagreed with me.

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