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There was an interview with Brian K. Vaughan yesterday for a SuperMOOC course on gender in comics that I’ve been keeping tabs on. For those of you who aren’t aware, BKV is the author of Saga, which is a comic gushing with so much awesome I’m surprised it hasn’t flooded comic shops nationwide. My respect for BKV knows no bounds.

I tossed a question in via Twitter, not expecting a reply at all because there were so many thoughtful questions being asked. I put my headphones on and started tackling some boring re-formatting tasks, thus justifying why I allowed myself to tune into this interview at work.

And then my question popped up on the screen. Whadahey?

Despite BKV’s assurances that all his answers were terrible, I liked the answer he gave to mine because I had never thought about Yorrick, the male lead from¬†Y: The Last Man, as a character that subverted gender stereotypes. I guess I was too busy enjoying all the gender stereotype subversion happening with the women in the series.

So way to make me stretch my brain BKV. You’re not as terrible at this question-answering business as you think you are.

Plus, it totally made my day.

The interview in it’s full glory is embedded above. My question appears around 33 minutes into the interview.

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