Stare in Awwwwwww

I didn’t get as many posts up as I wanted to this week. But I got some fiction done. And I got some exercise done. And I got some important reading done. So it was a pretty productive week.

The weekend will be a tad nuts. Between rehearsals for a big choir performance on Sunday, swimming, a birthday party, and Free Comic Book Day, chances are high that I’m going to be wiped come Sunday afternoon.

But enough blabbering from me. I know why you’re really here. So behold, two pictures of Disco in adorable nap mode. How cats manage to fold themselves up like a pretzel and look adorable at the same time is beyond me…

This is a picture of Disco napping.

This is a picture of Disco napping with his paws draped over his face.


  1. Aww! Your cat is ADORABLE.

  2. Meagen Voss says:

    Now his ego’s going to be so inflated, he’ll be bouncing off the skylight. At least that will keep him from using his lungs of infinite capacity to scream at me about going outside. (Adorableness comes with a price it seems…)

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