Overweight Goldfish and
My Breakdancing Cat

This is a picture of an overweight goldfish.Bet you thought I’ve gone off the deep end with a title like that, eh? It’s relevant, I promise. To prove it, I’ll talk about the fish first. The breakdancing cat will be after the jump.

I’ve never seen an overweight goldfish. But after my first swim practice in more than a decade, I can imagine what one feels like. By the end of the second lap, I wanted nothing more than to reach the end of the pool and pass out belly-up on the lane line.

It didn’t help that the bowl of chili I ate before practice was sitting in my stomach like a lead-plated ostrich egg. Not the best way to remember that eating before practice is a BAD idea.

I survived the practice, and by the end I was keeping a decent pace, but my swimming endurance has certainly regressed. I took swimming lessons all throughout my childhood progressing from the YMCA’s Guppy program for beginners up to their advanced Shark program. And now, Overweight Goldfish.

I doubt I can get a patch for that. Maybe I should make one.


In other news, Disco decided to spaz out during our walk yesterday. I took some pictures. One picture didn’t quite sum up the glory of him breakdancing on the mulch, so I taught myself to make an animated gif.

Oh, and how much writing have I gotten done for Camp NaNo yet? None pretty much, and it’s erm…Day Three. But in addition to post-practice soreness, I have also had to transfer my driver’s license to NC and replace the ailing graphics card in my computer within the past two days. Plus, knowing how to make an animated gif in Photoshop is going to come in handy one day. Really!

Yeah I know, excuses excuses blah blah blah I-need-to-get-writing-or-I-will-fall-miserably behind. ::Searches for spot to bang head on desk;finding no empty space on desk, settles for poking self in between eyes.::

Without further ado, my breakdancing cat.


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  1. Vicki Voss says:

    Rupert enjoys rolling in the mulch, too. We’re working on his overcoming being a scaredy cat outside.

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