In the Supreme Court Today: History or Heartbreak?

This is a picture of the logo for the UU movement Standing on the Side of LoveToday the Supreme Court will hear two important marriage equality cases: A challenge to California’s Proposition 8 and a challenge to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.

On Facebook, I’ve made my position clear. I support marriage equality, and if the Supreme Court rules against the plaintiffs in theses cases, I feel that history books will look back on such a decision as backwards and bigoted.

Why do I feel that way? Because I have had many gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals positively influence my life, and I believe that they deserve the same opportunities that us heterosexuals enjoy.

I believe that Joe, who taught me many things about health reporting and editing, shouldn’t have to pay extra legal fees to make sure that his partner can inherit his full estate or visit him in the hospital, or that his partner receives health coverage. Especially when all his heterosexual co-workers have to do is procure a marriage license or fill out an extra form for the insurance company.

I feel that my college friend Amanda shouldn’t have to settle for a “commitment ceremony” that, unlike marriage, offers no legal protections or benefits to her girlfriend.

I want the very best future for my former housemates Patrick and Laura, who should have every opportunity to choose a partner to love, to share benefits and burdens with that partner, and to have a family with that partner regardless of that partner’s sex. Because I believe that they would make their partners very happy and would be the most excellent parents.

In our society, we should encourage reciprocal love to grow and flourish wherever it takes root. Our government should not limit who consenting adults decide to love, or how families are constructed as long as they are loving and nurturing.

Always and forever, I will stand on the side of love.

And no matter what the Supreme Court decides, I hope you do too.


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