On Resorting to Cat Pictures

It’s been a week, and the brain still hasn’t spat out any brilliant blog ideas. Some less-than-brilliant ones. But as I’ve said before, I tend to prefer quality over quantity. And focusing on quantity could very well devolve my blog into an infinite photostream of cat pictures.

Excuse me? Devolve? How ’bout I devolve a hairball–in your face.

Hey, there’s nothing¬†wrong with cat pictures. They’re cute. They’re funny. They make people feel good. It would just be nice if they were a bit more functional at times. Take this photo of my new couch for example.

This couch has the Disco seal of approval!

In this photo, the cat provides scale, showing you just how big and comfy the new sofa is. It will also function as an excellent “before” shot so that I can fondly remember this piece of furniture before it was transformed into a pile of threads dangling off a wood frame.

Yet if I were pressed to make cat pictures functional all of the time, that would kinda take the fun out of shooting them. So I guess I’ll just keep posting them. Just not every day. Promise.

See this scratching post? This is just a free sample of my wrath.
I’m going to make that couch pay.

Yeah… my new couch doesn’t stand a chance.


  1. Vicki Voss says:

    Cute cat photos. Cute couch.

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