No Wisdom For You

This is an underwater picture of a reef at Biscayne National Park.

I have nothing particularly wise to contribute to public discourse today. There’s a political opinion or two rolling around inside my head, perhaps a funny joke or three as well. But nothing that’s truly worth sharing.

I suppose my one bit of news is that I’m possibly going to be heading to Florida for the National Association of Science Writers meeting. Thus, the reef picture above. While I’m down there, I would love to drive south and checkout the Everglades and Biscayne National Park. Although, I’m also tempted to go to a beach and just veg as well. Those are tough decisions I don’t have to make yet.

How are you today? What have you got going on? I ask, but I’m somewhat doubtful that y’all will take the time to write back in the comments. I don’t blame ya. There are plenty of sites where I love to be a spectator too. Engaging people in a discussion takes energy.

But if you have been to South Florida, please do share your experience.

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