Teleportation Would be Nice

This is the point of the move at which I wish teleportation and/or interdimensional travel was possible. As you can see in the photo below, I’m in that weird, inbetween stage of moving where most of my stuff is in boxes, but I can barely move around inside my apartment without tripping on something.

Thus, I wish had a personal teleportation device. Something the size of a remote, perhaps. I would point it at a box, press a button, and ZAP, the box would be in some interdimensional storage unit where it will live until I move into my new space.

Really wish I lived in the age of teleportation right about now…

Wouldn’t mind using it on the cat either. Disco always gets freaked out by moving. He’s been yodeling inside my empty closet for the past hour. I downloaded a decibel meter to measure his yowls. Alas, this is what happens whenever I attempted to get a measurement.

It seems that part of the battle in measuring a cat, is convincing him that an iPhone is not food…

Cats don’t make the best research subjects, I suppose. I’ll do my best to complete a more thorough study after the move.

I have no other wisdom to impart today as I still have a Capclave hangover and way too much packing to do.

But in case you didn’t know, it’s decorative gourd season (warning, there is hilariously effective over-the-top swearing involved).

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