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Meagen Voss


Design Services Intern

Quick Facts

  Six years in communications
  AAAS Fellow at NPR News
  Constant Contact Ninja
  Self-taught coder

Skills Snapshot

  Skilled writer
  Proficient in Adobe CS6
  Advanced Wordpress
  Some PHP & Javascript

To: Jerry Pemberton, Manager of Design Services

Dear Mr. Pemberton,

Let’s be honest. I’m not your traditional intern applicant. You’re going to look at my resumé and see an eclectic collection of experiences. Research science, publications, NPR—even a short stint of freelancing in which I learned firsthand the ups and downs of running a small business at home.

You’re going to see I have a full-time job. I have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree even. Yet what you can’t see are the hours I have spent on Codecademy teaching myself HTML, CSS, and PHP, the time I have invested in designing my own website, or the Wordpress theme I am currently teaching myself to build.

I am willing to start all over again at the bottom of a new field because I am deeply passionate about the future of digital communication. There have been some opportunities for me to use my new skills in my current position. Yet I am convinced what is currently my hobby is meant to be my career.

I am a dedicated student of the Internet, and Wake Technical Community College as well, but there is only so much I can learn on my own. By completing an internship with iContact, I would gain valuable knowledge about best practices in coding emails that I will use to take my self-taught design and development skills to a professional level. An internship with your organization would also provide invaluable experience I could use to launch a new career path within the tech industry.

The common thread among all my professional experiences is passion. I would bring to your office a strong work ethic and a dedication to deliver my very best work to your clients. As someone with personal insight about the communications needs of small business owners, and experience providing customer service within a professional environment, I believe I would be a strong asset to your organization on my very first day.

I invite you to review samples of my work as well as my resumé. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Meagen Voss

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