Did I just…? Oh, I DID! I Finished Writing A Novel!

This is a picture of my post-novel completion beer with me giving a thumb's up.Last night, I put the finishing touches on the first draft of my current novel project. Scrivener says the draft is around 120,000 words.

However, I never got around to telling Scrivener that it shouldn’t count any of the notes I wrote or those five chapters that I rewrote entirely.

So the draft isn’t as bloated as Scrivener tells me it is, but it’s still way too damn big.

The good news is I already have a pretty firm idea how I’m going to edit the story. There is going to be a lot of slicing, dicing, and downright mincing of sentences. Entire chapters will be moved or eliminated. A couple unnecessary characters that wound their way into the plot are already on the chopping block.

But I’ll get to that later. Right now, I intend to savor the Wicked Awesomeness of completing this draft. Perhaps, I’ll take a week or two to work on a short project while the novel ferments.

Plus, I realized yesterday that my two-book story is really a trilogy.



  1. Hannah says:

    Way to go! Finishing a novel is always a great thing to celebrate :)

  2. Meagen Voss says:

    Thanks Hannah! Glad you’re still reading!

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