Disco In A Bag

This is picture of Disco in a Trader Joe's paper grocery bag. His paws are tucked underneath the handles and his expression is one of wide-eyed surprise

It’s Monday. I’m still tired from my high school reunion this weekend. More on that later this week. In the mean time, here are the pictures I promised you last week.

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Disco is not a bag cat per se. He enjoys chasing plastic ones, and loves to attack things that are hiding under covers or in boxes. But this was the first time he ever felt the need to insert himself into a bag. A great thing for us, no?

This is a side view of Disco in a Trader Joe's paper grocery bag. He is staring off into the distance as if some critter is daring to invade his territory.

This picture captures Disco and Zura’s relationship perfectly. They get along pretty well, but when Zura attempts to lick or sniff Disco, his reaction is along the lines of “Keep your cooties to yourself!”

This is a picture of my orange, fluffy cat Zura sniffing Disco while he is in a paper Trader Joe's grocery bag. He thinks she has cooties.

Finally, here’s a zoom-out shot to fully appreciate the paper bagginess of Disco’s new favorite napping spot.

This is a pulled back view of Disco insider a Trader Joe's paper grocery bag. He's looking mighty smug in this shot.

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