Time to Go Camping

Billing itself as an “idyllic writer’s retreat smackdab in the middle of your crazy life,” Camp NaNoWriMo is for people who either enjoy subjecting themselves to NaNoWriMo more than once a year, or for folks who believe teaching the cat to swim is a more likely than writing a novel in November because of all the holiday hooplah.

I signed up to do Camp NaNoWriMo last year. I wrote some words, then dropped off the face of the NaNo spreadsheet because that was around the point where job stress was threatening to shred my soul into ribbons (not the pretty kind that look good on presents either).

I got a big deadline coming up at work, so I’m attempting to be realistic and set my goal at 25,000 words, half of NaNo’s required 50,000. I’m also doing something potentially crazy in that I’m going to give Adult Swim Team a try. I need to exercise like woe, and swimming has been one of the more consistent sources of exercise in my life. I expect to get my ass kicked at my first practice tonight, but that’s kinda the point. What’s so crazy about it, you ask?

The morning practices start at 5:30 AM.

Yeah…before the sun rises. I’ll plan to go to two of the early-morning practices each week because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fit yoga into my schedule. And yoga has become super-important for the overall condition of my sanity. (I haven’t been to yoga in a little more than a week and I can feel flexibility leaching out of my muscles with each passing minute I sit in this chair–it may stain the upholstery)

But I’ll report more on the swimming later. Or not. Blogging may be more sporadic than usual due to the extra focus on writing. Such is the way of blogs. No wondering some folks claim that the reading public has gone fleeing back to magazines.

Now if only the advertising revenue would go back with them.

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  1. I’ll be doing Camp NaNo this year also, but I won’t be aiming for the 50K word mark (it’s too early in the writing season, haha).

    Swim team sounds fun! It’s definitely a lot of exercise, so hats off to you for trying. You’ll have to write more about your experiences with it later. :)

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