Sometimes Ideas Just Need to Ferment

I know I promised y’all a thoughtful and insightful post today. Then a migraine happened last night, and sleep didn’t. I still finished the post this morning, but I don’t feel that it does justice to the topic I want to discuss. So I’m going to let it age a little bit.

The great thing about this being my blog is that I rather than deadlines, I have guidelines for when I want to post. The guidelines being that I aim to post SOMETHING once a day whether it’s a quick update on my life, a link to something cool, or cat pictures. At least once a week, I intend to post some thoughtful essayish-like thing that will hopefully provoke some thoughts in your noggin, or at least make you laugh.

So far the profundity hasn’t fallen on a particular day of the week, but I will probably aim to post it toward the beginning of the week. Which is why I may very well scrap any hope of posting something thoughtful this week and save it for next week instead.

Sometimes I will ignore my guidelines. Or go on vacation. Or have an idea that requires extra thought before posting. Or have a migraine that leaves me feeling like a space cadet trying to extract words from a brain floating in a zero-gravity cloud of pain.

If you hate¬†sporadicity, the best way to keep track of my posting is to sign up for my RSS feed. Or follow me on Twitter. Or nag me by Facebook stalking me and threatening to send me iguana turds in the mail if I don’t post every day.

Okay, don’t send me iguana turds. (In fact, if you’re not related to me, don’t send me anything unless it’s a blank check or a book contract.) But you can friend me on Facebook or Google+.

If you’ve been sticking with me as I figure out this blog/life balance, I truly appreciate it, and please stick around!

My train of thought is a chaotic ride.

Hope you’re enjoying it so far.


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