Comics’ Cruel Marketing

As a geek who’s new to the world of comics, I am learning something new every day. For instance, I’ve discovered that my preference for the bound volumes is called “waiting for the trade.”

And I’ve also discovered that waiting can take forever, up to a year if the publisher is so inclined. It can be even longer if they decide to release the book in hardback like DC Comics did with many of their Batman titles.

Another diabolical tactic that comics companies pull is crafting a major storyline that crosses over throughout multiple issues of multiple series.

Currently, DC is running a Batman storyline called “Death of the Family.” The story arc features the first appearance of the Joker in the pages of Batman since DC threw out all their series and relaunched every single comic book series they produce (a move they call “The New 52” because of the 52 series they revamped).

Anyway, any story in which the Joker appears tends to be a crazy trip worth taking because he always pushes Batman to new character-developing heights. Of course, to get the complete story, one would have to buy the 24 issues that span across 9 different series, forcing even fans who buy the month-to-month issues to purchase issues in series they don’t collect.

I’m sure that DC will collect all the books into a trade collection some day. I could wait for the trade instead of dropping the 40 bucks to catch up on the story right now. But with my luck, I’ll be waiting until 2014 for the paperback.

Creative. Cost-effective. Cruel.

Touché DC.

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