My New Chiropractor Is A Step Ladder

If you have back pain, then you know what it’s like to have a spine that feels like a collapsed accordion no one can pull apart. Even the Hulk.

Yoga and exercise tend to loosen things up, but for many people, those approaches alone aren’t quite enough to unhitch those vertebra and relieve the pain. These folks are the vulnerable ones, the ones who are so desperate, something like this begins to look like fun.

My chiropractor would do something very similar to stretch my back out whenever I went to see her, only she used a special table instead of a suspending me from the ceiling. (She also refrained from whipping me, which was fine by me.) I found the technique, and my chiropractor, to be quite helpful.

Until recently.

Now, I didn’t want to drop her just yet because the table still seemed useful. But after some experimentation, I’ve decided to replace my chiropractor with a step ladder.

Okay, not just a step ladder. There are some yoga straps involved as well. But the ultimate point is that I think I’ve figure out a way to get that extra stretch delivered by my chiropractor’s special table at home.

What I do is I take my relatively flat step ladder, lie it face down on the floor, and then tie my feet to the side poles of the ladder below the bottom rung with the yoga straps. Then I slowly shift my weight forward until I feel a stretch in my lower back. Once the initial stiffness has passed, I push a little harder, stretching out the irritated nerve and/or ligament in my back until the pain is reduced. I’ve also flipped over and used the same technique with my back on the floor, which has helped me get at other muscles/ligaments that need a good stretch.

The arrow indicates the spot where I lash my foot to the ladder. There would be an arrow pointing to the same spot on the other side if there wasn’t a cat in the way.

Ever since I figured this out, the numbness in my shoulder has disappeared, I’ve been waking up in the morning pain-free, and I’ve been able to sit up straight at work without pain.

Seems my crude back stretcher could give the Hulk a run for his money.

I still plan to see a therapist to make sure I’m not causing additional damage. I also want take the money I was planning to spend on my chiropractor and put it toward a few personal training sessions at the gym so that I can get some more ideas for getting back in shape and making the pain relief last.

I still haven’t told my chiropractor all this yet. Yeah…that’s gonna be a real awkward phone call.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a certified health professional in an capacity. This post discusses a treatment and/or exercise that has improved my personal health. All results are purely anecdotal and highly pertinent to the primary test subject–me. These approaches are not evidence-based unless I have noted so in the post, and if you wish to test them on yourself, I urge you to consult a physician or other trusted professional who can determine whether these approaches will work well for you.

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