Last Week of NaNo: The Infographic

I’ve finally caught up, and I’m on track to finish on time. (The progress bar may not reflect that just yet because it is not cooperating with me at the moment.) I will probably push to finish tonight so that I can spend Friday kicking back and celebrating. Plus, spec fic author Cherie Priest will be doing a reading at my favorite indy bookstore in Chapel Hill, and I don’t want to miss it, or be thinking about my novel while she’s trying to read hers.

All this last-minute NaNoing has certainly taken a toll on me, and below I have shared what the last week of NaNo has been like for me. It’s just about the most unflattering picture of me ever taken (only high school pics outrank it), and there’s a very real danger my entry in the history book of the Internet will be listed under crazy cat-pajama girl. But if that is what the Internet wants, that is what the Internet will get, and I shall abide by it.



  1. Emmie Mears says:

    I love this. That’s about what I look like, though replace the cat pyjamas with threadbare GMU sweats and a shirt with dog hair and apple juice spots.

  2. Meagen says:

    I didn’t think of mentioning the layer of cat fur that clings to me like an extra layer of skin. But that happens outside of NaNo as well, which is why I guess didn’t bother mentioning it…

    Hope you’ve made a lot of apple-juice-fueled progress with your novel!

  3. Brian says:

    I love this. But I can’t seem to get my hair to do that.

  4. Meagen says:

    More hair gel, perhaps? 😀

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