New Job, New Blog, New Life?

Life is chaos masked as order.

And the mask I use barely covers up all the day-to-day craziness.

For the past few years, a core part of that craziness has been my job (or lack thereof). But I got a new one. I’m going to be doing communications for these fine people. All jobs come with challenges, but in my opinion, job enjoyment largely depends on the ratio of necessary challenges to unnecessary challenges. I’m hoping the new job will have fewer unnecessary challenges than my current one.

And that is all I will ever say about my job. Because this blog isn’t about my job. This blog is about the rest of my chaotic life.

Why would you find my life interesting? I dunno. That’s a question you’re going to have to answer for yourself. But here’s a list that can help you decide if you want to stay tuned.

What This Blog is About

  • Writing: I’m fortunate in that I already make a living as a writer…a nonfiction writer. My dream job is to be a professional fiction writer. So I want to be like this guy, or this gal. This blog may become another distraction from my fiction writing, but if you’re curious about what its like trying to break into genre fiction, then you’ll want to follow along.
  • Social Struggles: I definitely didn’t win the lottery in the social skills department, but I didn’t quite lose either. Expect some humorous essays on my frustrations with being self-aware of my social fails.
  • New Life in North Carolina: The saga that is my life in DC is coming to an end, and I am starting afresh in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I’ve lived there before, so I’m not a total newb. But I still discover things there all the time.
  • Books and Fandom: My personal bias is toward the fantasy and science fiction genres, but I imagine some other genres will slip in from time to time.
  • Feline Overlords: Got two of ’em. They amuse me. They will probably amuse you too.
  • Random Chaos: Pretty much whatever random thing is on my mind, I’m gonna write about it. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.

What This Blog is Not About

  • Politics: Sure, I got political opinions. If you ever meet me in person, you’re welcome to quiz me about them, but political issues invite even more chaos than I’m willing to put up with.
  • Weight Loss: I am attempting to lose weight, and it may slip into the blog occasionally, but don’t expect me to give it a lot of airtime. There are plenty of other bloggers who got this topic covered–in chocolate no less.
  • Gossip: Stories from my life will surface from time to time that involve other people, but names, places, and possibly even genders will be changed to protect the innocent.
  • Current Romance: My dating life is like one of those rickety old roller coasters where the cars get stuck on the tracks (mostly at the bottom of the hill for me). I will probably write about my romantic screw-ups, but any discussion current romantic pursuits shall be avoided unless permission is granted by the current man in my life.
  • Religion: I am a Unitarian Universalist, and while I’m proud to be one, I won’t be flaunting it on this blog. Won’t be dissing other religions either. Again, that topic has enough chaos to make chugging a bottle of tequila look like a good idea. Not going there.

Still here? Good. I hope you stick around for a while as I navigate through the chaos of living and try to gain the one thing that is coveted most by writers: a voice that is heard by many.


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  3. Came across your blog by accident – I was after a domain name for my own blog and fancied this one. Been reading a number of your articles, enjoying it so far and will be checking back, keep it up!

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